Desire Lake Luxury Home

My latest house. I built this home for my Sims, Desire De-Sai and her new husband, Dr. Levi Sands. Desire is a well known video game and software developer at the top of her field and her husband is a respected surgeon. They’ve been patiently waiting in a high rise apartment for me to stop […]

Long Hiatus GOP Will Return

Sorry I have not been active on this blog in a few months. There was a lot of things going on in my family and personal life that made writing a story of this magnitude hard to do. It’s very stressful. I should have made a post a long time ago, but I’ve only recently […]

GOP will be delayed until next week

At least. Hey everyone! I’m currently working on a new issue of S.H.E magazine and the special feature for the CoverGirl contest winner. So, I’ve been pretty busy with that this past week. I also had to take a little break from writing, but I can’t wait to get started on chapter 9.2. Hope you […]

Punctuation Tips

Do you ever get stumped when wondering which punctuation marks to use in your writing? I know I do. Check out some of these helpful videos and sites that can help. Happy Simming! How to use a semicolon (video) 10 Comma Rules (video) Writing Skills: When to use commas with for, but, and, or yet, […]