Photoshop Alpha Channel Tutorial


This is a super quick crash course tut on how to make clothing parts transparent in Photoshop. Remember opaque is when you want something to completely disappear, white is when you want it to show and gray is if you want like a sheer look. In this tut we are just dealing with white and black. ‘

Remember black conceals, white reveals.

This assumes you know basic steps on how to recolor. If not there are some great tuts on Sims 4 Studio and Lana’s cc Finds under the Tutorial tag.



I am using the same lace pants texture I created from my Slay Jeans V2 set I posted in my group. We don’t need the body template in this tut, but I had it there just to show that it can come in handy when you’re recoloring something transparent or sheer.

The adjustment layer looks like a circle at the bottom

Make sure white is pure white #fffff

Copy your white layer

After you have duplicated your alpha channel, move the first one below it and make sure the eye is shut. Click on the copy layer and select the paint bucket. Make sure pure black is selected in your foreground colors #00000. Pour pure black onto the layer.

Now paste your white layer onto your alpha channel. Make sure the RGB layers are open but make sure the alpha layer is selected. Move the white layer onto the texture from the Layers panel until they perfectly align.

Hide the alpha layer. Make sure the RGB layers are open and selected.

When I copied the white layer the all select was still active, which is fine in case you need to make an adjustment on the alpha again later. After you are happy with it, you can Control D to deselect it.

Once you save your new DDS file to import PS will tell you there are two alphas, and that it is using the alpha layer 1 copy layer, which is what we want.

Import it. We now see our new texture with the lace.

If you want to change the color, you can always go back, create a new color adjustment layer and select whatever color you want onto the texture layer.

Just a tip, don’t use pure black when adding a new color to your texture because the details get lost in game and you can’t see things like folds, pockets, shadows, etc. This has nothing to do with the alpha tut, but purely about recoloring.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks and Happy Simming!

You can download the PSD file below.



Tutorial: Using Liquify in Photoshop to Correct Jagged Edges

Hello all! This is a quick tutorial to fix some of those sharp edges on the Sim body that often happens when taking poses.

I wanted to make a quick tut (and assumes you know how to use PS) to show how I got these jagged edges on Parminder look smooth for her cover. My tut is very very basic. I’m not going over the other methods I used to edit Parminder’s pics at this time, but I will make a tut in the future.




Open your file in PS.

First, make a duplicate of your background layer. Hide it.

Go to Filter-Liquify

This box will open. You can see your brush presets. Here is where you would adjust the setting according to your liking.

Position your brush near the point you want to correct. Pull the mouse in towards the Sim body.

Same process for the knees

Same process for the shoulder. Depending on what part I am wanting to correct, I adjust my brush size accordingly.

Not perfect, but this was a rush job, not the pic I used for the cover. You can see the gist of what I’m doing here. Her pointy shoulder is now more round.

Bottom line, mess around with the brush size to your liking, change whatever you don’t like. Practice makes perfect. Happy Simming!



Quick and Dirty Cut Out Tut in GIMP

This is a simple quick tut on cutting out Sims in GIMP. This is not how I prefer to cut out my Sims. I prefer Photoshop and I prefer to pose my Sims against a chroma green screen. The pen tool in PS or the path tool in GIMP is best for a clean cut out, especially if your Sim is not on a solid background. PS has more tools to help get random unwanted colors out as well. I have not cut out a Sim in GIMP in a long time, but this is just a quick tool because GIMP is free and cool and has some useful features. I will make a longer tut for cutting out Sims with the pen and path tools for PS and GIMP in the future. Happy Simming.


No system in full proof. It’s always best to know what exactly you’re downloading and if your mods conflict with other mods by reading what the creator wrote in their description. The mod conflict program will not tell you which mods conflict. Don’t load a lot of new cc and mods in at once. In case you have issues, it is easier to find the culprit through a process of elimination. I write a better longer tut on how to look for bad cc in the future, but this is just a quick PSA.


Download Sims 4 Studio

Punctuation Tips


Do you ever get stumped when wondering which punctuation marks to use in your writing? I know I do. Check out some of these helpful videos and sites that can help. Happy Simming!

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