Canyon Vista Homes

The Sims 4 affordable mixed income started homes. Part of the Bedrock Strait Neighborhood Improvement Project. Two 3 bedroom/1 bath and one 2 bedroom/2 bath homes. Eight bedrooms and 4 baths in total. Family home built for my save game. Toddler, child, teen, and nursery rooms. Musician studio built for a recently divorced mom, single mom, and young family. Beautiful pool, mini beach, cabana, BBQ, outdoor dining, sandbox, and community garden. Each home has its own washer/dryer. Skylights in each home, energy efficient solar roofing, central air, beautifully landscaped, security light and cameras, well lit at night. Built on 40×30 lot in Oasis Springs. NOCC must have moveobjectson enabled before placing. I have been playing on this lot for weeks now. I have all packs, but didn’t use all. Major packs needed: EL, PH, TS, JE, IL, BS, PP, BNS, SEA, CL. CK, GF, UL, NK.



Base Game 75K Affordable Family Home

Beautiful base game only family home on 30×20 lot. Master en suite, child & toddler bedrooms, two full baths, one 1/2 bath. Garage, storage space to expand or add laundry, etc. Formal dining room, breakfast area, fully landscaped gardens, kids jungle gym, patio, fully furnished. NO CC must have moveobjects on enabled before placing.


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Thanks to TwistedMexi for TOOL

Thanks to Simstopia for fireplace ideas