Officer Colton Johnson Is an Unwilling Player in The Game of Power



Officer Colton Johnson


Colton has the Jungle Explorer/Nature Aspiration

Colton’s traits are: Athletic, Dog Lover, and Loves Outdoors

Colton Johnson has been a patrol officer with the San Myshuno Police Department for the last four years. He previously served in the US Army, completed two tours in Afghanistan and was honorably discharged after six years of service.

As an Army veteran and officer of the law, Colton believes in honor and duty to his country and those he was sworn to protect and serve. His family comprises of several military and law enforcement members.

Coming out of the academy, Colton looked forward to serving communities and ridding neighborhoods of crime. As a patrol officer, he interacts with the community he serves every day and believes he can make a positive impact in the lives of the citizens of San Myshuno. His immediate goal is to obtain the rank of sergeant, but from there Colton doesn’t have a clear idea of where he wants his career to go. His father, Carl is a high ranking member in the department with aspirations for his son and plans to direct him into a leadership position one day, but he’s never shared his father’s ambition and thirst for power.

In the blink of an eye, Colton’s life changes forever, and he’s thrown into a game he’s never had any real ambition to play. How can one compete in a game if they no desire to play? Others have thrust their ambitions onto him either for their desires, agendas, or the wills of others.

Now that Colton is in the lion’s den, not of his choosing, he may have to do others bidding when it’s never been something he’s wanted for himself. Will the game ultimately destroy him or will he find a way to play even it means giving up his dreams?

****Author’s Note: As you can probably tell, this character biography has less information and is shorter than some of my others. Although I believe the detailed biographies of Bash, Bella, Rico, and Ayana were fine, I did edit some of the information on Marquez out because I didn’t want to give too much of his storyline away. I am doing the same with Colton. Depending on the characters and what they all contribute to GOP, some of their biographies may be more or less detailed than others. I know for a fact, some will have more background information on them, but others I plan on keeping condensed to general information.****

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(Sexual situations and nudity)

Detective Bella Vega POV:

The San Myshuno Drug Enforcement Task Force arrived early morning at the upscale Midtown Pointe Towers. It wasn’t your typical scene for a morning search; ten thousand dollar mortgage, a doorman, complimentary housekeeping, and all the fixings of high society life. The warrant was signed less than 24 hours ago. This wasn’t a Hollywood element of surprise raid.

I stood there, breathing through my nose, silently waiting. My hands were wrapped around my Glock, in the defensive position, as were the other officers on my team. Lt Lawrence Loomis, who headed the task force knocked loudly out the door. “This is the San Myshuno Police Department. We have a warrant to search the premises.”

I stood in silence with the other officers anticipating the next moment. The target isn’t some low-level dope boy on the corner with his pants hanging halfway down his ass. We weren’t hunting rabbit; it was bear season.

After what seemed like several long moments, the front door swung open. I looked up and saw Big Meech, also known as B-Money, but better known under his government name, Marquez Flex.

Meech was putting on a shirt, while he glared at the smug detectives on the task force and the two uniforms standing outside his door. He knew our announcement was a fake courtesy and we were here because he had no choice. The “law” required us to get a warrant to search the property, but guys like Flex believe they are above the law. He seemed annoyed, but not surprised to see us.

Loomis asked Flex a series of questions before informing him of his rights before he snatched the warrant out of his hands. He briefly studied the document before shoving it back in Lieu’s direction.

Flex turned away from the group of officers that had assembled in his living room, making his way over to the window, giving me a sidelong glance. His swagger was one of confidence, not a man that was worried about the SMPD finding any incriminating evidence this day.

Matter of fact, during the whole five-hour search, Flex didn’t utter a single word, didn’t make one phone call, nor did he leave to use the bathroom.

He stood there as officers went through every inch of the living room, followed us upstairs into his office, and silently watched as we confiscated his hard drives, files, and other electronic devices. When one of the detectives had to ask a question, Flex only nodded or shook his head.

I went upstairs to look through a few drawers in the office and sensed Flex staring at me. I looked around the room. Flex briefly held my gaze, then looked away.

I watched his eyes for a moment, trying to see if he was focusing on anything in particular; maybe there was an area he didn’t want detectives searching or something he didn’t want us to find.

“Vega, will you come over here?” called my partner, Detective Erik Moynihan. I shoved the papers back in the drawer that had been in my hand and walked over to him. “I found these cell phones, probably burners and wiped. There’s no way of telling what’s on them right now.”
“Bag and tag them; we’ll take it to the forensics,” I replied.

I helped Erik take pictures of the phones and record the model in a log. “The serial numbers had been erased on the SIM card; hopefully forensics can find it inside the phone,” said Erik. I placed the cell phones in the evidence bag and looked around to see what other areas in the apartment hasn’t been searched.

I decided to head to the bathroom. “Is it alright if I use your bathroom?” I asked while raising my voice. The look in his eyes could’ve pierced through steel. His mouth didn’t say a word, but the glare in his eyes spoke for him.

I smirked as I headed toward the bathroom and went inside. Flex could glare all he wanted to, but he knew he had no power in this situation.

I turned around to face him again and slammed the door shut, signaling a resounding “fuck you.”


It was too early to tell if our search would turn up any evidence to help build our case against the growing cartel that has been taking over the Metro San Myshuno. Marquez was important enough to have an impact on the increase of traffic, but there were bigger fish in the sea we wanted to catch.

After a stressful long day, I needed a good fuck to ease my nerves. Hartley Fullerton is one of the men I’m sleeping with. He was at the search with me this morning, and he was my immediate supervisor, not to mention very married.

My legs were spread as far as they could go as I received Hartley’s impressively large manhood deep inside of me. “Fuck me harder! Harder!” I screamed. I liked it rough and sometimes Hartley wanted to act like this was some lovemaking session. He knew I didn’t care about the easiness or tenderness. He knew when I summoned him, that I needed to get my back blown out, as rough and as hard as possible. I didn’t want foreplay; I didn’t want to kiss and cuddle, just murder the shit and be done with it. Otherwise, what are you here for?

I didn’t know what time it was whether it was still nighttime or morning. I grabbed my cell phone off the bedside table; the time was 4:45. The battery was down to 11%.

“Shit. I forgot to charge this dumb ass phone,” I said aloud. I rubbed my eyes, trying to adjust them to the darkness; trying to spot my charger.

I heard a soft moan next to me. I looked over and saw Hartley laying naked in my bed. I’d forgotten he came over late last night. I felt a twinge of annoyance at him still being here. He knew I didn’t like it when he spent the night. I thought he showered and went home once I fell asleep last night.

“What’s the matter, baby?” he asked, groggily. “Nothing. Why are you still here?” I asked, irritated. “Didn’t know it was so late, Bella. I fell asleep last night.”

“And what do you plan on telling Nicole why you didn’t come home last night?” I asked. “That I had a case that went late, which is not technically a lie,” answered Hartley. I scoffed. “She can’t be that stupid to keep believing that same story,” I said, Hartley’s expression turned to one of hurt as if he was so offended I would insult his wife.

“There’s no need for you to be so condescending, Bella,” said Hartley, his voice tight. I looked up at him.”I’m not married to you, and you’re not my father; don’t begin to reprimand me. Go home to your fucking wife.”

Hartley grew silent for a moment, shaking his head. “Why do you always have to do stuff like this, Bella?”
“What am I doing Hartley? You know I don’t like it when you “accidentally” slip up and stay over. You need to leave,” I scolded him. “Fine. I’ll take a shower. I’ll see you later,” said Hartley, as he got up from the bed and headed to my bathroom.

I closed my eyes again, but the smell of Hartley’s cologne permeated my pillows. I quickly flipped them over to get the scent out of my nose. There was nothing I hated more than a man trying to leave his mark in my home.

As a supervisor, Hartley had “authority” over me at work, but it also made him think he had it in other areas of my life. Shit, he barely had any power over me on the job, I don’t know why he felt like he could come over and attempt to call any shots after laying up in my bed.

I’ve told Hartley time and time again that I was not interested in anything emotional and if I felt like I wanted to fuck him, I’d be the one to call, but under my terms.

After about fifteen minutes, I heard the shower cut off and the sound of the front door closing as Hartley left my apartment.
I rolled back over in my bed determined to salvage some sleep before my alarm went off at six.


I slowly rolled out of bed once my cell alarm went off at six and grabbed a cigarette off my nightstand. I took a long drag and held it, letting the nicotine ease my nerves. Fuck, if I wasn’t a cop, I could easily roll a joint.

I didn’t bother to put on any clothes before leaving the room and heading into the kitchen. I turned on the coffeepot and stood there, taking another drag of my cigarette.

After yesterday’s search, I had a late night at the station, and I didn’t feel rested. There was so much evidence that needed to be poured over and a lot of paperwork to file. It was the most shitty part of police work in my opinion. As a detective, I preferred to be out with my partner, gathering evidence and working on investigations. But sitting at a desk doing paperwork was a big part of the job.

After the coffee finished brewing, I took my cup and a newly lit cigarette over to my dining room table and flipped on the TV to check the news. There was no mention of the search in the upscale midtown neighborhood, as there wouldn’t be. It’s not like we ran in there with a battering ram disturbing the peace of all those lovely rich people in their gilded cages; if only the majority of Flex’s neighbors knew what his real business was. I won’t act like some of them weren’t aware, as he undoubtedly had clients as neighbors who were his customers.

“and news from Miami. DEA agents discovered a large amount of cocaine, Xanax, and hydrocodone in a home in South Beach. We’re told that the area has seen a rise in drug activity, mostly from importers outside of the US mainland, with most shipments coming in from the Caribbean.”

My ears perked up, and I listened intently to the anchorwoman. Any news of drug activities of the growing Caribbean cartels always sparks my interest. Any information I hear, I take note of it for my private investigation.

My older brother, Miguel also worked in the Narcotics Unit undercover before he was brutally beaten and killed in a sting gone wrong before I was on the force. His partner, Burl Griggs had also been gunned down during the time. Their killers were still at large.

Twelve years have passed, and the department is no closer to finding their killers now than they were all those years ago. It infuriated me to know the criminals responsible for killing my brother were still out there.

Narcotics turned over the case to the Cold Case department, probably the most inept and lazy unit in the entire San Myshuno Police Department. Those fat fuckers don’t do shit all day except sit on their asses and pretend to do real police work, searching dead girls who’ve been missing for thirty years. Their priorities were all fucked up; a cop killer case should come before anything else.

I have taken it upon myself to find out who killed Miguel and those most responsible. If you want something done, you must do it yourself. I am not interested in dragging them back to have their day in court. I want to do the same thing they did to my brother; beating him beyond recognition damn near and holding my Glock close enough for them to look down the barrel and know that death was imminent, but not before I made them suffer. That would be justice.

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Meet Det. Bella Vega, One of the Players of A Game of Power

Bella has the Knowledge Aspiration


Bella has the Ambitious, Self-Assured, and Active Traits

Detective Bella Vega is the first Black Latina of Puerto Rican descent to named a head detective in the San Myshuno Narcotics Unit. She is highly decorated and has been with the department right out of college. Bella comes from a long family line of cops.

Through her hard work and ruthless ambition, Bella has risen in the ranks within the department. Not fast enough for her, however. She believes she should have made lieutenant already for that would surely put her on track to become Chief of Detectives once the current chief retired in a few years. Bella will have a tough road ahead of her, as not only is she up against more experienced officers in higher positions, but her superior, Staff Sgt Det Hartley Fullerton; whom she is having an affair with is also in the pool. Bella knows she is at the very bottom of names that could be considered in a few years because she has not been in her current position as long as some of the other candidates and she is the only female detective in a historically sexist male-dominated department.

Initially, Bella became a cop to impress her father, as he was still on the force at the time. One of her older brothers, Miguel had been killed in the line of duty the year before she graduated college and entered the academy. She was never good at expressing her emotions, and she wanted to in her own way comfort her dad and make him proud. But her efforts are forever lost on him. Her father, Juan, was a decorated officer when he retired. He never encouraged or approved of Bella becoming a cop and told her to get a regular office job after college, the same he told her sisters. Juan has sexist tendencies and doesn’t believe women need to be in uniform, they didn’t have the strength for a police job, and they lacked logic and ran on pure emotion.

The department investigated for years to bring down a most wanted cop killer, but at every turn, they came to a dead end and got nowhere. The more years that go by, Bella knows it will be harder to find out who killed Miguel. He was brutally beaten nearly beyond recognition once his cover was blown and before they killed him. She has taken it upon herself to investigate. In the back of her mind, if Bella found her brother’s killer, her father would finally accept her as an officer and give his approval.

Not only has Bella had to deal with sexism at her job, but the more covert racial microaggressions by some officers on the force with her. The San Myshuno Police Department has recently made more of an effort to recruit officers of color to bring into the unit, hoping to ease the very tense race relations between the Black and Latino communities. There are some who feel as Bella received her promotion because she was a double minority- a woman and a person of color. Bella is not interested in the racial politics of the department. While some officers do hold prejudice views, it’s not all, and of the ones who have been passive aggressive with Bella and other officers of color, Bella gives it right back to them and doesn’t take the bull people try to throw her way. She’s not interested in equality for all; she is only interested in furthering her career.

Bella sleeps with men, whether married or not when it’s expedient for her and if it will help get what she needs for her career. She suffers from sex addiction, but as an addict, she doesn’t always need a reason for her next conquest and no promise of favor earned. It was either sex or drinking, and she almost had an incident a few years back due to alcohol abuse, that if she hadn’t slept with one of her superiors, it would have gone on her record and messed with her chances for a promotion.

Bella’s married, lover Det Hartley Fullerton has had it hard at times as well from some of the fellow officers. Due to the significant level of backlash the department has received in recent years from accusations of police brutality and excessive force, the department sought to place more officers of color on the force and promote from within their ranks. Some feel as if Hartley was a beneficiary of “an Affirmative Action promotion.” In truth, Hartley knows as a black man and the SMPD wanting to ease race relations; he was given the promotion to staff sergeant faster than was routine. But he didn’t doubt his capabilities because he was highly skilled, educated and he was great at police work. If his color were the reason for his promotion, Hartley would never allow anyone to say that he didn’t deserve it; they could think it, but not say it.

Bella has several personal vices and dark secrets that must be kept. As her thirst for power, respect from her father and finding her brother’s killer grows, the more she is tasked with making decisions that would violate the oath took as an officer of the law. It’s not easy to stop, how can she give up now when so many things have been working in her favor? Can Bella handle it? She must if she wants to survive the game of power.

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