Punctuation Tips

Do you ever get stumped when wondering which punctuation marks to use in your writing? I know I do. Check out some of these helpful videos and sites that can help. Happy Simming! How to use a semicolon (video) 10 Comma Rules (video) Writing Skills: When to use commas with for, but, and, or yet, […]

Online Application Resource

Online App Resources. Word processing apps, online thesaurus, dictionary, grammar check, and more.

Libre Office is a free Office Suite similar to Window Office, Word, etc

11 Free Word Processors 

2017 Best Free Online Word Processors

15 Free Web Applications for Writers

Free Creative Writing Courses

25 Free Online Writing Courses

Coursera Writing Courses

29 Free Writing Tools and Resources

Best Free Software for Writers

Quick & Dirty Tips (Grammar)

Quick & Dirty YouTube Tutorial Playlist

Grammar Girl YouTube Playlist

Grammar & Punctuation

Grammarly (I’ve used Grammarly for about four years)


Grammar Tips

Grammar Rules & Tips

Free Online Spellcheck

Free Online Spelling and Grammar Check 

English Grammar

English Vocabulary 

The Writer’s Dig


Here are some useful online apps as well as apps for Android and iOS that may be useful in your writing. You don’t have to be in front of your pc or Mac in order to write! Create on the go!


15 Great Writing Apps

10 Free Writing Apps & Tools






Mobile Apps (Android & iOS)

Best Android Apps for Writers

10 Best Android Apps

15 Voice to Text Apps

ListNote Speech-to-Text Notes (I personally use this one)




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