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I’m a true blue 80s kid and Jem and The Holograms is my all-time favorite cartoon. This is a project I personally wanted to do because as usual, I can only make content that I feel passionate about. The first ensemble in the collection is inspired by Aja of The Holograms but updated for a modern look. I’d previously made a collection for The Sims 3 several years ago and wanted to make a bigger and more expansive collection for TS4. As part of my special edition of S.H.E magazine, I am releasing more 80s inspired custom content in the coming weeks.

Download the collection for this special edition fo S.H.E magazine here


TS4 Classy Jumpsuit.

I started these a few months ago during the summer but never got around to putting them out. Better late than never. Happy Simming.


8 Variants. 4 Patterns. 4 cutout/4 no cutout

Do not upload or claim as your own. Link back with credit.

EA Mesh credit

No Ad fly

Download SimFilesShare

Model: Parminder Patel


TS4 Masquerade

New collection made for @DesiKnight07 Masquerade CAS Challenge. Of course, you can wear these sexy catsuits anywhere. Show off those curves ladies! Make that man work for it! Fellas, I didn’t forget about you!

4 Variants Catsuit/Jumpsuit

4 Variants Boots Mesh Needed Erika Boots by Madlen

4 Variants Gloves

4 Variants Male Shirtless Blazer





Edited mesh by me. You can recolor, just link back with credit and do not include mesh.
Do not re-upload or claim as your own. Give credit. Thank you and Happy Simming.

Download SFS No Ad Fly

EA Textures edited by me. Maxis Match.

Thank you.

YAF Blazers, accessory tops, and shorts are by be. Scroll down.

(It should be noted that Parminder is Punjabi Indian in case anyone has an issue with her wearing a Bindi)

My models/Sims will all be in my upcoming drama Reign: A Game of Power: Parminder Patel, Cosmo, Kane K, Ka’o Sanders, Colin Stone, and many others.


TS4 Mommy & Me

5 Mommy and me matching outfits using prints from Ayana’s home country, Ethiopia in honor of @Desiknight07 African CAS Challenge. Now Ayana and her baby Cree can wear matching outfits!

5 Variants YAF Top

5 Variants YAF Skirt

5 Variants Toddler Dress

Top mesh needed

Skirt mesh needed

Toddler Dress mesh needed

Download SimFileShare

Credit Trillyke top. Marigold Skirt V4. Pixel Ice Cream Dress.  Thank you!

Disallowed for random. No ad fly.

Made with Sims 4 Studio. Photoshop CC.

Do not reupload. Link back with credit.


TS4 Dynasty Collection VII




14 Variants Blazer. 2 variants are Maxis Match. I did not include MM for the pants since they are in the game anyway.

12 variants Cropped Pants. City Living required for pants only.

14 Variants Accessory Tube Top

14 Variants Accessory Blazer
Do not use accessory blazer and upper CAS body blazer at same time, will not show up. Use one or the other.

Accessory top is in socks. Blazer accessory version is in gloves.

Disallowed for random. All LODs. Textures by me. No Ad Fly.


Download Here

I made these to also use with my accessory tanks and tubes from Dynasty Collection VI. You can further mix and match. Scroll down to see the other tanks and tube tops.

With the blazer accessory version, you can wear it with multiple other EA and cc tops.

Need City Living for cropped pants. Blazer and tube top are base game.

Do not upload or claim as your own. Link back and give credit. Do not use my edited mesh. You can recolor, but do not include the mesh.
Thank you and Happy Simming.

My Model: Dylan De La Rosa

credits, EA, Freepik, Shutterstock, Vector Eezy, cc creators, Photoshop CC, Sims 4 Studio


TS4 Dynasty Collection.


  • 15 Variants of the blazer and shorts.
  • 23 Variants of the tube top.
  • 20 Variants of the tank top.
  • Switch up the looks, mix and match with either the tank, tube top, or blazer as accessories. Blazer and tube top are also upper body CAS items. The Blazer can be used with other EA tops, as well as the tank and tube top can be used with other jackets.

Only use either the accessory tube top and blazer top together or the accessory blazer and tube top. If you use both the accessory version and top version at the same time, both versions will not show up. I made them both into accessories so you could wear a tube top or other top with the blazer. Find the accessory versions under bracelets
and tights categories.

All LODs. Disallowed for random. Base game compatible.

Do not reupload. Link back with
credit. Thank you and Happy Simming.

Do not use my mesh, you can recolor but do not include mesh.

One Dive Download  

SimfileShare Download

No Ad fly. Credits to EA for mesh. Google, Shutterstock, Vector Eezy, Free Pik, cc creators, Photoshop CC, Sims 4 Studio


TS4 Breast Cancer Awareness CAS Challenge

I made these tops and hats for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Even though October is nearly over, better late than never!



5 Variants AF Sweater

2 Variants AF Cap

1 Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon on Transparent Background PNG.

Disallowed for random. No Ad fly

EA mesh. Textures by me.

Thank you to the cc creators for items used

Download SFS

Do not claim or upload. Link back with credit.


TS4 Teen & YA Male Tops and Caps




18 Variants Sweatshirt Spa Day required

5 Variants Army Cap Base Game Compatible

5 Variants Baseball Cap Base Game Compatible


Download All

One Drive

Download All  

Baseball Cap Army Cap Top 

Do not reupload or claim as your own, give credit. Thank you and Happy Simming.

Credit EA. Spoongraphics, vecteezy, redbubble, Photoshop CC, Sims 4 Studio, cc creators for bottoms.


TS4 YA Male Longer Bermuda Shorts


11 Variants. 8 of which are Maxis Match.


Download Here

Base Game Compatible

Custom textures by me. No Ad Fly.

Do not claim as your own, link back and give credit.

Credit EA, Vector Eezy, PS CC, Sims, Sims 4 Studio


TS4 YA Male Casual Shorts


5 Variants Maxis Match


Download Here

Base Game compatible. No Ad Fly

Credit EA, Photoshop CC, Sims 4 Studio


TS4 Longer Cargo Shorts



TS4 Male Long Cargo Pants. Maxis Match 7 swatches.

Base game. No Ad fly. Credit EA mesh, cc creators. PS CC, Sims 4 Studio

Models: Bash and Colin

No major TOU since this is just MM cc, please credit and link back. Thank you and Happy Simming.


Download Updated


TS4 Half Tank and Caps

TS4 Male Half Tanks and Caps

Various designs 21 variants. Must have Spa Day. Hat is base game compatible. 5 variants.

MediaFire Download

SimFileShare Download

Credit EA, cc creators.







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