Resources for Blogging and Creative Writing.


Hello all, often I post links to helpful blogs about creative writing tips and blogging. While I feel that this is helpful, the posts can get lost in the shuffle. I will add my resources for everything about starting a blog, encouragement, writing tip, writer’s blocks, etc here. Happy Writing and Happy Simming!

General Sites for Writers (everything from publishing, editing, and enhancing your writing)

Tips on how to start a blog (Webhosting, blog comparison, set up)

Creative Writing Tips

How to overcome Writer’s Block

Writing Productivity Help

Character Development

Character Generators

Character Biography Template

Descriptive Writing (Bring your stories to life)

Grammar Police!

First Person Narrative

Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Apps (Text editor, voice to speech, etc)

Photo Editing (We all want our pictures to look great for our stories!)


Protecting Your Writing (Copyright information)

Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus, Grammar, Spelling Check

Research Resources (How to conduct research)

Punctuation Tips

YouTube Video Playlists for Writer Development & Machinima

Misc Tools ( free writing courses, text editors, word processor, free tools)


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