Game of Power Chapter Index

I am trying to keep the chapters shorter than my first story Reagan Leeds: Run The World (check it out here) so I can focus on developing each characters’ storyline. Since there are many characters, some of their storylines will overlap. I consider GOP to be a “serial” in that there are many stories and characters and each one will take time as the chapters progress. Thank you all so much for visiting my blog.

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Chapter 1.1 The Games Begin

Chapter 1.2 The Games Begin 

Chapter 2 Sex, Guns &Cigarettes

Chapter 3 Greed is Good 

Chapter 4: If I Was Your Girlfriend

Chapter 5: Death to The Instagram “Model”

Chapter 6: All Harm, All Foul

Chapter 7: Going to the Mattresses

Chapter 8: My Family, Mi Familia

Chapter 9.1: Sugar & Blood

Chapter 9.2 Sugar & Blood

Chapter 10 How I Operate, How I Win

Chapter 11 Five Minutes to Flush