Chapter 8 will be delayed until next week

Hey everyone, I hope this post finds you well, and you’re having a good week. I just wanted to inform my readers that chapter 8 of Game of Power will be delayed until next week. It’s a little longer than the others. Chapter 8 will have 3 (planned) scenes and the previous ones had either one or two scenes. We’ll get to see Bella again, this time at police headquarters, we’ll meet her fellow detectives and find out about them a bit more. I showed some in chapter 2 during the search. We’re also gonna meet Bella’s family. If you have not read their limited biography, you can check it out here. Another scene is a little more secret. My readers will start to see Bella attempting to connect dots and seek information on her brother’s killer. Thanks all for reading and your support!

Sneak Peek at The Vega Family

Sneak peek at the Vega family photoshoot for their limited biography. You can read Det. Bella Vega’s full biography


Bella first appeared in chapter 2 Sex, Guns & Cigarettes. Most of the Vegas is in law enforcement, including extended family members. Det Miguel Vega, Bella’s brother was killed in action during a sting gone wrong, so that’s why his pic is translucent and gray. I will publish this bio sometime this week. I’m also working on chapter 8 and we’ll get to see Bella again and meet her family. Thanks and Happy Simming.

Sneak Peek at the “Carter Administration”


Hey everyone! Chapter 7 got delayed a little bit due to some doctors appointments this week. I’m working on it as well as Shoshannah’s personal biography. Here’s a sneak peek of her family for their bio I’ll publish soon. Judge Corliss Carter sits on the bench of the second most powerful court in the US, The US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. Secretary Clara Carter served in the last administration in the president’s cabinet as Secy of the Interior. We’ve met Shoshannah, followed by her siblings, Shante and Shaun.

Thanks, everyone Happy Simming,




Hello all, just wanted to let you know, I will be MIA for the time being. I am not sure for how long this time around. I have to deal with some things in my personal life. I have horrible depression and anxiety, and I haven’t been doing well at all. So, keeping up with this mag, which I design all on my own and trying to write a story has taken a toll on my mental health. I also feel that as much work and effort I put forth for my mag, groups, blogs to invite others and provide content for ppl to get involved in the community is all for naught.

The truth is, I don’t make content that appeals to the majority of ppl in this community, mostly because I am older and not very well known even though ppl knew me in the TS3 days and Reagan’s story had and still does have a lot of readers. I still love Sims, but I need a break from all of this. Another thing, I have helped different people while most are kind and gracious, plenty has taken advantage of my kindness. I work hard on layouts and interviews, and I did one recently, and this person couldn’t bother with a thank you. I’m not extending myself to people who aren’t appreciative any longer. I’m done with it. There are a lot of thirsty people in this community who only take without giving.

Sometimes (most times) I wish I was still in my TS2 days when I didn’t even know a community existed.

I’ll always be here for my fellow Simmers, and I will try to help however I can. But for now, I am taking a break; going to try to clear my head and get some things in order. This is a game, and it should be fun.



My First Story in over Two Years!

Please stay tuned for my all new TS4 story Reign: A Game of Power. I am very excited about this project. Instead of diving right in as I tried to do with All Eyes On Me, I am truly motivated by my Sims and their characters. This new story is all about the rise and journey of several individuals living in San Myshuno as they strive for power, leverage, status by any means necessary. I’m working hard on the storyline now and I will not publish until I have a few chapters complete. I will keep you updated.

Happy Simming!