Character Generators

Hey everyone, check out the new section on the Resources page on this blog right here. I have added some helpful links to character generator sites. These sites that help give you ideas for new characters or to help you develop new ones. Maybe you need help coming up with personalities, traits, backgrounds, etc. Check it out and Happy Simming!

Character Personality Generator

Character Generator

Character Design Inspiration

Postive and Negative Trait Table

Character Biography Template Download

This is my character bio template you can download and edit for your own characters. Character Bio Template   CHARACTER BIO TEMPLATE Name: (Include formal and any nicknames or aliases) Role in the story: Age: Sex/Gender: Race: Ethnicity: Marital Status: From: Parents: Siblings: What languages do they speak?: Where do they currently live? Describe their home/city: […]

Apps (Online, Android & iOS)

Here are some useful online apps as well as apps for Android and iOS that may be useful in your writing. You don’t have to be in front of your pc or Mac in order to write! Create on the go!


15 Great Writing Apps

10 Free Writing Apps & Tools






Mobile Apps (Android & iOS)

Best Android Apps for Writers

10 Best Android Apps

15 Voice to Text Apps

ListNote Speech-to-Text Notes (I personally use this one)







Photo Editing (Software, Apps, 2D Editors)

We all want our pictures to look great for our stories! This is a list of common online apps and links to software that could help in editing your screenshots

Paid, Free Trial, and Free Resources

How to get a Cinematic Look with Lightroom  

Create Film Look in Lightroom without Presets

How to Add Film Effects to Any Photo (Video)

Editing TS4 Screenshots (Video)

TS4 Screenshot Editing Tutorial (Video)

How to Take Better Pictures of Your Sims

Tutorial for Editing Darker Toned Sims in GIMP (you can use the techniques with any skintone) This is my old tut and I plan on updating it with better tricks in both GIMP and PS.

GIMP Photo Editing Tutorial

***Online Apps***


Online Editor (Pixlr) (Interface is similar to Photoshop CC)


Pic Monkey

***Downloadable Editing Apps***

Photoscape  Free (I’ve used it for four years. It’s very easy. It doesn’t work in layers, but I use it if I need to edit a batch of pics, add cinematic filters, and quick and simple edits)

***2D Editors***

GIMP (Free)

Photoshop CC (Monthly Subscription, pretty cheap) I now use PS CC for most of my pic edits, making cc, and modeling pictures. (Free)




Misc Tools (Writing courses,free word processors, tools)

List of misc tools that may help you.

Libre Office is a free Office Suite similar to Window Office, Word, etc

11 Free Word Processors 

2017 Best Free Online Word Processors

15 Free Web Applications for Writers

Free Creative Writing Courses

25 Free Online Writing Courses

Coursera Writing Courses

29 Free Writing Tools and Resources

Best Free Software for Writers