Nantucket Is For Lovers 5BR

My latest home for my rebuild Brindleton Bay project. This house is located in Sable Square and is inspired by Nantucket living and design. I really love this house. There’s 5 BR, one of which is a playroom and 5 BA. Multiple decks and balconies offering beautiful views all the way to the sea. Plenty of space in the backyard garden for outdoor dining and relaxation in the hot tub.

The Home includes a laundry/utility room, master en suite on third floor with writer’s office, bath, and walk-in wardrobe. Bedrooms for teenagers with shared Jack and Jill bathroom, child room with bathroom and balcony. Plenty of space for additional family members and items for a cat. 30×20. NOCC Must have moveobjects enabled before placing. As this is a home I built for my Sims, I have play tested it. Didn’t go too crazy with all packs. Main packs needed: GT, SEA, EL, JA, C&D, GF, CK, SE, DO, PH, CL, LD.


Gallery Link

Thx to ChrissieYT & Takissis for pix.

Happy Simming

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