Canyon Vista Homes

The Sims 4 affordable mixed income started homes. Part of the Bedrock Strait Neighborhood Improvement Project. Two 3 bedroom/1 bath and one 2 bedroom/2 bath homes. Eight bedrooms and 4 baths in total. Family home built for my save game. Toddler, child, teen, and nursery rooms. Musician studio built for a recently divorced mom, single mom, and young family. Beautiful pool, mini beach, cabana, BBQ, outdoor dining, sandbox, and community garden. Each home has its own washer/dryer. Skylights in each home, energy efficient solar roofing, central air, beautifully landscaped, security light and cameras, well lit at night. Built on 40×30 lot in Oasis Springs. NOCC must have moveobjectson enabled before placing. I have been playing on this lot for weeks now. I have all packs, but didn’t use all. Major packs needed: EL, PH, TS, JE, IL, BS, PP, BNS, SEA, CL. CK, GF, UL, NK.



2 thoughts on “Canyon Vista Homes

  1. Hi, it’s Deanna/Desiknight! How’ve
    you been? I like your new builds, I’m going to have to download them when I start playing sims again.


    • Hi I have been thinking about u. I just got on my old tumblr the other day, thanks for reblogging my builds. I hope u don’t think I unfollowed u on there or anything because I did notice I was not following u and others I know I have followed in the past. Hope all is well with ur family. I have not been doing too much other just playing my Sims and trying to survive the pandemic.


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