Sable Square Delight 5BR Home

Beautiful family home in Brindleton Bay. Master en suite, teen, child, toddler bedrooms. Laundry, family/play room, rec room, fitness center. Guests/ office and office for a lawyer. I built this house for my lawyer and his family. play roomPlay-tested. Must have moveobjects enabled before placing. #NOCC I have all packs installed. Must have packs:


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Canyon Vista Homes

The Sims 4 affordable mixed income started homes. Part of the Bedrock Strait Neighborhood Improvement Project. Two 3 bedroom/1 bath and one 2 bedroom/2 bath homes. Eight bedrooms and 4 baths in total. Family home built for my save game. Toddler, child, teen, and nursery rooms. Musician studio built for a recently divorced mom, single mom, and young family. Beautiful pool, mini beach, cabana, BBQ, outdoor dining, sandbox, and community garden. Each home has its own washer/dryer. Skylights in each home, energy efficient solar roofing, central air, beautifully landscaped, security light and cameras, well lit at night. Built on 40×30 lot in Oasis Springs. NOCC must have moveobjectson enabled before placing. I have been playing on this lot for weeks now. I have all packs, but didn’t use all. Major packs needed: EL, PH, TS, JE, IL, BS, PP, BNS, SEA, CL. CK, GF, UL, NK.



Sonoran Desert Mid-Century Modern Home

4BR 2 BA beautifully landscaped desert oasis on a 20×15 lot. Lanai for outdoor dining and grilling and modest sized back patio complete with lounging and a swing set. Three child age bedrooms and master en suite. Perfect for young families. I am building up the neighborhood in Oasis Springs for families. Open concept, carpet throughout, laundry, skylight, and ample lighting. Under 120K, welcome to your new home. #NOCC must have moveobjects on enabled before placing.



Modern Springs Mid-Century 3BR 2 BA Family Home #NOCC

Beautiful modest mid-century modern home built on a 20×15 lot in Oasis Springs. Gorgeous landscape, views of the river and canyons. Backyard lanai with outside dining and activities for child/toddler. Master en suite, two full baths. Child/toddler shared bedroom, single bedroom. Custom butterfly/firefly sanctuary. Eat in kitchen, skylight, fully decorated and furnished. Must have moveobjects on enabled before placing. #NOCC Under 100K

I have all packs/not all packs used. Major packs needed:




Desire Lake Luxury Home


My latest house. I built this home for my Sims, Desire De-Sai and her new husband, Dr. Levi Sands. Desire is a well known video game and software developer at the top of her field and her husband is a respected surgeon. They’ve been patiently waiting in a high rise apartment for me to stop procrastinating and build their dream home LOL.  This house took me about two weeks to finish and is the definition of luxury. It has everything. The house is situated on a private lake in Windenberg’s countryside. When you enter you honestly feel like you’re in the forest. There are multiple trees that create an intimate and private feeling. On top of the right side hill there’s a hot spring that leads to another body of water on the cliff as a waterfall runs down it. On the left hill is a private campsite, so your Sims can get away without having to leave their home. This is the ultimate house for outdoor/indoor living. There’s a boathouse off the master en suite on the ground level, with seating on top. Multiple floating decks and patio space for dining and sunbathing.

Off the lake’s left side is the Enchanted Grotto with a huge open outdoor fireplace, dining and an outside bed covered by a canopy. The master en suite is a combination of several rooms, there’s a TV room, office, walk in closet, bathroom and the beautiful views of the lake. Also, on ground level is a lounge room that opens up to the deck outback with seating.

Guest house over the two door garage. In the basement there’s a man cave media room, laundry, full wine cellar for entertaining, lap pool, sauna, and fitness center. The main living room is on the second level and there is an open space with a chandelier coming down from the third level. Desire and Levi don’t have kids yet and are not in a rush to have them, but she does have a toddler bedroom for when her niece, Dylan, daughter of her twin sister Devon comes over. There’s also a child/preteen room and a large bedroom with a double bed and it’s on bathroom. Including the guesthouse, there are five bedrooms and six bathrooms.

NOCC in this home. Must have moveobjects on enabled before placing. I have all the packs and used probably nearly all of them. The main ones that you would need to have the house look like it does is: EC, GT, IL, SPA, SEA, OR (major because of the trees), CD, JA, GF, TL, VTG, CL. It’s well over 600k and on a 64×64 lot.



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Alki Beach Get Away Home #NOCC

I’ve really been into beach and/or coastal homes lately. I had a lot of fun with this house. Even though the lot is pretty small (20×20) I think this is my favorite house so far that I’ve built. I love the water and this house is right on the beach. It’s and open floor plan with views of the ocean from each part of the living room, dining room, and kitchen. There are 3 bedrooms, the top floor is a mainly an artist studio/ guestroom. There’s a master en suite and a bedroom for a teen or maybe ever an older child like pre-teen age (even though that life stage doesn’t exists in TS4). There are two full and one half bath. Buiding this house made me so happy and especially looking at the pictures because of the design. This is my fourth house I’ve built in the Cavalier Cove area of Brindleton Bay. I own all the packs although not every pack was used and there are some packs that just use one or two items that are easily replaceable if you do not have all the packs. Enjoy and Happy Simming!



20X20 3BR 2 and 1/2 BA


Thanks to Twisted Mexi for TOOL.

Base Game 75K Affordable Family Home

Beautiful base game only family home on 30×20 lot. Master en suite, child & toddler bedrooms, two full baths, one 1/2 bath. Garage, storage space to expand or add laundry, etc. Formal dining room, breakfast area, fully landscaped gardens, kids jungle gym, patio, fully furnished. NO CC must have moveobjects on enabled before placing.


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Thanks to TwistedMexi for TOOL

Thanks to Simstopia for fireplace ideas

Nantucket-ish Coastal Home 5 Bedroom 4 Bath

I built this home of the Dachshund’s Creek lot in Brindleton Bay, but because the thumbnail obscures the house I placed it on a different lot for the gallery. I am slowly building up the coastal area in Brindleton Bay. This home was somewhat inspired by Nantucket and The Hamptons. It boast plenty of balconies and patio space end embraces outdoor/indoor living and dining. The gardens are fully landscaped, laundry, recreation room, office, guest bedroom, and indoor greenhouse/nursery.  Eat in kitchen, pantry and separate formal dining room, garage, storage, two master en suites, child and teen rooms. Four full baths and two 1/2 baths. Built with love.

30 x 20  NO CC must have moveobjects on before placing. I own all the packs.


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